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What Is the Primary Care Behavioural Health Service?
The Primary Care Behavioural Health Service can help you when your habits, behaviours, stress, worry, or emotional concerns are interfering with your daily life or overall health. A Social Worker or Registered Nurse trained in the Primary Care Behavioural Health (PCBH) model will work with you and your family doctor to evaluate the mind-body-behaviour
connection and provide brief, solution-focused interventions.

The services provided by the PCBH provider are simply another part of your overall health care and are not specialty mental health. You will be seen in your doctor’s office, and the PCBH provider does not provide traditional psychotherapy.
The PCBH provider has training in the behavioural management of health concerns. Together, the PCBH provider and your family doctor will consider the physical, behavioural, and emotional aspects of your health and work with you to determine a course of action that will work best for you.

Useful Patient Documents:

Patient Letter

Under 18 Consent form

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