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Family Practice
Prenatal Clinic


Mahogany Medical provides complete health care to patients at every age and stage in life. We assess and treat everything from mild colds and fevers to chronic health conditions requiring long term management such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 


Our doctors are professional, experienced, competent, and down-to-earth.


One of our keys priorities is to build long term relationship with our patients and families so that we can provide personalized care. We aim to involve our patients with their own health goals and set priorities for routine preventative health care screening such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer screening. 


As health care professionals, we regularly attend medical conferences and programs as part of continued medical education. Our purpose is remain up to date with clinical guidelines and best practices in order to continue to provide exceptional care for our patients.


We provide same-day fit-in appointments so patients can be seen when needed. If your own family physician is not available that day, we will attempt to ensure another physician in the clinic is available to see you.


Mahogany Medical Clinic provides excellent care for maternity patients, newborns and young children! Patient's referred to Mahogany Medical Clinic for prenatal care are accepted if they live within the boundaries of the South Calgary Primary Care Network (SCPCN) or if their family physician is a SCPCN member. There is a cap of 10 patients accepted per month.


Any referrals received beyond that are re-directed to the Maternity Clinic at the PCN Wellness Centre ( All prenatal patients will deliver at South Health Campus Hospital. 


Once we have a dating ultrasound and a referral from your family physician, the referral will be triaged to ensure it meets criteria. You will then be booked for your first prenatal appointment which is approximately 30 minutes long.

A physical exam may be required at your first appointment. The remainder of your prenatal appointments will be

pre-booked as follows:

> every four weeks between 12 and 28 weeks

> every two weeks between 28 and 36 weeks

> every week from 36 weeks until delivery

You will then be seen again for a post-partum visit between 7-10 days after delivery. Please call the clinic to advise us when you have delivered so we can ensure both you and the baby are booked for an appointment.


We will continue to provide care until 6 weeks post-partum for both mom and baby. After your 6 week post-partum visit, you and your baby will be discharged back to your family physician. A discharge summary will be sent to your family physician summarizing the events of your pregnancy.


As part of the prenatal clinic, you will have access to a dietitian, mental health services and breastfeeding support. 


New Prenatal Intake Forms - Please fill in your New Prenatal forms prior to your visit. Click here to download.

Breastfeeding support


* Please note this service is available for patients of the clinic only. We do not accept referrals.

​"Breastfeeding is a natural act, but it is also a learned behaviour. Research has demonstrated that mothers and other caregivers require active support for establishing and sustaining appropriate breastfeeding practices".

- (World Health Organization)


At Mahogany Medical, our goal is to empower mothers and to strengthen maternity practices to support breastfeeding. We offer breastfeeding advice, support, and management both in pregnancy and postpartum. 


Prior to delivery, we offer consultation with a physician and/or International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for women who may have concerns with breastfeeding such as previous breast surgery, flat nipples, history of low milk supply, and/or gestational diabetes. 


After delivery, we offer appointments providing expert advice on the following topics - how to latch your baby properly, pumping and offering expressed breast milk, damaged/sore nipples, Candida (nipple and oral thrush), low milk supply, breast engorgement, mastitis, and assessment of tongue ties. Our physicians are trained in offering tongue tie release. 

Menopause Clinic


Dr Premji & Dr Chow are North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Certified Menopause Practitioners (NCMP) who share a true passion in caring for women in mid-life. 


Dr Premji sits on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Menopause Society (CMS) since 2020. She has been invited to several media platforms (television, radio and podcast) advocating and educating the public on menopause.


Our clinic supports women in making informed and evidence-based health care choices through their menopause transition. We aim to educate, inform, assess, diagnose, and treat women referred by their family physician. We accept referrals for peri- and post-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, genito-urinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), and post-menopausal bleeding.


After a thorough review of the patient's symptoms and history with the nurse and/or physician, each woman and her physician will design an individualized plan to manage her symptoms, promote healthy lifestyle choices, screen for disease, and recommend appropriate treatment. We follow the Canadian Menopause Guidelines from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) and the CMS.


The first appointment is generally 45 minutes and any subsequent follow-up visits are approximately 20 minutes long. We encourage patients to bring all the prescription and non-prescription medications to their initial appointment.

Contraceptive & IUD


Mahogany Medical Clinic is pleased to offer contraceptive advice and IUD insertions.  We do require a physician referral for patients who are not already family practice or prenatal patients of the clinic. 


An intra-uterine device (IUD) is the most effective form of birth control available. IUD's are small T-shaped devices that are inserted in the uterus by one of the physicians in the clinic. The procedure takes only a few minutes and does not require any anesthesia. There are two types of IUD's - a non-hormonal form (Copper IUD) and the hormonal form which contains a progestin. 


There are two hormonal IUD's on the market right now - Mirena and Kyleena - each one slowly releases levonorgestrel which makes the lining of the uterus thinner. It also makes cervical mucous thicker making it harder for sperm to enter the uterus. Depending on the IUD selected, it can remain in place for 5-10 years before it needs to be replaced. 


During your initial consultation with the physician, we will discuss which form of IUD best suits your needs. You will then be given a prescription for one of the IUD's which you need to pick up from any pharmacy. Most health insurance plans cover the cost of the IUD. The next appointment will be booked in our procedure room where your IUD will be inserted. **Please ensure you bring your IUD with you to this appointment** 


We do require a blood test or urine sample prior to the insertion to rule out pregnancy. For post-partum patients, we do recommend a minimum of 3 months after delivery prior to insertion.


For more information about birth control options and the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of birth control and the IUD, please visit:


Nexplanon is a birth control implant that goes under the skin of the inner non-dominant arm. It is just as effective as the pill, but without the daily hassle. This small thin and flexible arm implant is inserted within only a few minutes by the doctor. The area is numbed and an applicator guides the Nexplanon into place.


Dr Shafeena Premji & Dr Jeanine Jensen have both completed a Hands-On Clinical Training Program hosted by

Merck Canada.


We accept referrals from doctor's offices and provide a consultation appointment, insertion appointment and a follow-up appointment. Between November 2020 and April 2021, we have already inserted over 20 Nexplanon implants with excellent feedback from patients:


"I got the birth control implant, Nexoplanon, December 1, 2020 and have been loving it! My periods aren't regular by any means, but I no longer have crippling cramps and I bleed a lot less!  I had the IUD Mirena, I believe, for 2-3 years and it actually caused my periods to hurt more. I was told it was supposed to get rid of periods so I should just hang on and the pain should stop, but after years of things not getting better I switched! I am so happy I did and will continue to get Nexoplanon for as long as I need birth control. I will say, if you slide your arm along anything, it can catch a little and pinch, but other than that I haven't had any issues whatsoever! I love it and would definitely recommend it to friends and family"


"I was having pelvic pain issues with the IUD and talked to my doctor about other birth control options. I would get auras with migraines so I was fairly limited on my choices. She suggested the Nexplanon. I have had it inserted for a month now and it was completely painless. My pelvic pain has gone away and I am not having any crazy side effects. I am so far very happy with this choice!"


For more information visit and Please kindly request a referral from your family physician. All referrals are to be faxed to 587-355-3301.


Mahogany Medical Clinic is a member of the After Hours Program through the South Calgary Primary Care Network (SCPCN). This service provides patients with access to care and support outside of regular clinic hours.


If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.


If you are looking for general medical advice after hours, please call Health Link Alberta at 811.

If you require urgent telephone advice from a physician, you may contact the Physician On-Call at 403-770-9445.


Please note the following:

• Please only call for problems of an urgent nature.

• Calls are accepted between 5pm and 8am on weekdays and between 5pm Friday to 8am Monday on weekends.

• The On-Call Physician covers several clinics in the SCPCN and therefore they do not have access to your

personal medical records or results.

• The On-Call Physician is unable to refill a prescription.

After Hours
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