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Please note that our hours of operation can vary depending on the Physician's schedule.
Our clinic will be closed daily between the hours of 12-1pm for lunch:
Monday: 8am - 5pm

Tuesday: 8am - 9pm

Wednesday: 8am - 6pm

Thursday: 8am - 8pm

Friday: 8am - 4pm

*Please note that we are not a walk-in clinic but do provide same day URGENT appointments (bladder infection, trauma, rash, lacerations, respiratory symptoms) for our patients.

To book a same day URGENT appointment please call us on the day you would like your appointment,

when we open.

Clinic hours
How to find us


Our clinic is found at the corner of 52nd Street SE and Mahogany Gate SE in the Mahogany Urban Village. We are located two doors from Shoppers Drug Mart, next to the dental clinic. You can alternatively search for 'Mahogany Medical Clinic' in google maps. Unfortunately we do not accept walk-ins.

#670, 7 Mahogany Plaza SE Calgary, T3M 2P8

Tel: 587-355-3300

Fax: 587-355-3301



Please note that any appointment changes including cancellations must be done by telephone, ensuring you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will incur a fee.

For prescription renewals please book an appointment with a physician. This contact form is to be used for non urgent matters.  We will endeavour to reply to your email within 2-3 business days.
Unfortunately we are NOT accepting new family practice patients at this time.
We do still accept referrals for IUD, Prenatal care, Gyne, Pelvic Floor and Menopausal patients.
All referrals can be faxed to 587-355-3301.

Thank you kindly.

Thanks! Message sent.

This contact form is to be used for non urgent matters only. 


We will endeavour to reply to your email within 2-3 business days.

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.


If you are looking for general medical advice after hours, please call Health Link Alberta at 811.

If you require urgent telephone advice from a physician, you may contact the Physician On-Call at 403-770-9445. 

Please note the following:

• Please only call for problems of an urgent nature.

• Calls are accepted between 5pm and 8am on weekdays and between 5pm Friday to 8am Monday on weekends.

• The On-Call Physician covers several clinics in the SCPCN and therefore they do not have access to your personal medical records or results.

• The On-Call Physician is unable to refill a prescription.

Thank you kindly.

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